Vintage & Thrifted Items For Sale – Depop


So for the past few months I’ve been selling some items on Depop because unfortunately, studying costume isn’t cheap! They have included shoes, clothes and even unused make-up. Up to this point most of the items have been unwanted items from my wardrobe, and have gone towards buying fabric and supplies.

However recently I’ve been putting some time into finding key pieces from vintage and thrift stores to sell on the app, some great items with many supporting labels still attached! I’ve gone for either well known good quality brands, or great classic vintage pieces (always stating which is from where).

I’ve been having so much fun doing it and have earned almost forty 5 star reviews, which makes it all worth it! Glasgow is full of vintage stores and charity shops and spending the time and money going through the racks has helped my shopping habit, and it’s a fun way to make a few bob. There are many other sellers on depop, and I recommend giving it a chance if you too appreciate great clothing for a good price!

It’s paid through Paypal, making it a safe place to spend. Although make sure you take a look at the sellers feedback just to be sure! I’ve attached a few photos of my items currently still for sale, brands like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Savida and even an amazing original Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt from the early 90’s!

My Depop username is ciaramaria. I sell within the Uk only and usually post the following day! I will be updating my depop regularly with new finds. So if you see anything you like.. look me up!  🙂

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Vintage Alterations

Since moving to Scotland I have been looking into jobs related to my field of costume, design or construction. This isn’t an easy thing to do when I’ve coached gymnastics since the age of 16. I needed to build up references outside of the sport. Even working in retail requires work experience.

Luckily enough, within a couple of weeks I got talking to the lovely owner of Circa Vintage in Ruthven Lane in Glasgow’s West End. Circa Vintage is filled with various treasures spanning over the last century. From dresses, accessories, shoes, bags and even menswear, working with this store was just what I was looking for. She needed an alterationist to repair or modify some garments, it was perfect.

Shown below are some of my favourite pieces I’ve been working with over the past few weeks. So far I’ve mostly been working with dresses from early 1960’s to late 1970’s. Except one little number that is a gorgeous black 1950’s dress that looks as if it’s straight out of Audrey Hepburn’s “Sabrina” from 1954.

Right now, the biggest project is putting a modern spin on a lot of the 60’s/70’s floor length dresses by shortening them to midi or knee-length. The three from the first photo below have all been shortened and re-hemmed. Sometimes it seems like a shame to cut them, but shorter dresses are what sell, and the left over fabric will be put to good use. I’ve found myself looking forward to the day I get this week’s bundle of garments to see what beauty’s I’ve got to work with.

Circa Vintage is a true goldmine of many fabulous one-off vintage pieces. If you are ever near Byres Road in Glasgow’s West End, I suggest taking a trip into Ruthven Lane and checking it out for yourself.

IMG_0726 IMG_0948


Outfit Of The Week!

Happy Saturday!

So this week was my first induction week of my new course in my new college. So far, so good. I’m so excited to get my teeth stuck into theatre costume as this summer has been far too long. Also, a new college year means Autumn is approaching, by far my favourite season!

My outfit of the week is very autumnal. I visited Urban Outfitters this week to check out their new line and I was very pleased, turtle necks everywhere! ❤️ A huge factor when it comes to my style is comfort and what’s comfier than a turtle neck? For a comfy college outfit I picked up this gorgeous olive ribbed top from Primark and a pair of high waisted Joni jeans from Topshop, paired with a vintage large buckle belt. On my feet I’m wearing my favourite pointed toe chelsea boots from Public Desire.

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Ciara x

Reflecting on Studying Fashion

In May, I finished my two years of studying Fashion and Textile Design. My thoughts? Not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love and admire the industry. I enjoy every minute of creating/designing, and without it I wouldn’t have the skills I have now. But it took those two years to finally accept that my interest is, and always has been directed more to historical costume than contemporary trends.

No matter how much I tried, my designs were still heavily influenced by the past, which is common in fashion. But as more and more modern designers now relish in new fresh ideas, I found myself yearning for the impractical yet beautiful, intricate and fascinating fashion of centuries gone by. And I didn’t want to just be influenced by them, I wanted to make them myself.

Now, after starting Theatre Costume in Edinburgh, Scotland, I finally feel comfortable in what I am creating. I can look back at the past two years and appreciate what I have learned. The subject is great if you are a creative person. But be warned, you must be willing to put the hours in, you won’t get by on talent alone. If you’re worried or unsure about studying fashion, I say go for it if you think it will make you happier than studying anything else.

I will always love fashion, and who knows, maybe I’ll find myself coming back to it in years to come. I thought I would share some of my work here from various different project for anyone interested or thinking about studying fashion and textiles. Enjoy!

Ciara x

Chosen photo from photoshoot, inspired by The Thomas Crown Affair 11327003_496938013791047_922494068_n Leaf vein research through mark making and netting  Reasearch inspired by the similarities between trees and human veins Manipulating fabric, screen printing and foiling inspired by shapes seen within bark Sketchbook page - Roots design development and texture analysis Collection inspired by leaf veins and samples in progressToiles inspired by kaleidescope image of my bark photograph