So for the past few months I’ve been selling some items on Depop because unfortunately, studying costume isn’t cheap! They have included shoes, clothes and even unused make-up. Up to this point most of the items have been unwanted items from my wardrobe, and have gone towards buying fabric and supplies.

However recently I’ve been putting some time into finding key pieces from vintage and thrift stores to sell on the app, some great items with many supporting labels still attached! I’ve gone for either well known good quality brands, or great classic vintage pieces (always stating which is from where).

I’ve been having so much fun doing it and have earned almost forty 5 star reviews, which makes it all worth it! Glasgow is full of vintage stores and charity shops and spending the time and money going through the racks has helped my shopping habit, and it’s a fun way to make a few bob. There are many other sellers on depop, and I recommend giving it a chance if you too appreciate great clothing for a good price!

It’s paid through Paypal, making it a safe place to spend. Although make sure you take a look at the sellers feedback just to be sure! I’ve attached a few photos of my items currently still for sale, brands like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Savida and even an amazing original Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt from the early 90’s!

My Depop username is ciaramaria. I sell within the Uk only and usually post the following day! I will be updating my depop regularly with new finds. So if you see anything you like.. look me up!  🙂

IMG_8650                  IMG_8660IMG_8659                  IMG_8658IMG_8657              IMG_8656IMG_8652               IMG_8655IMG_8654                IMG_8651


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