My third character sketch post is dedicated to Cersei Lannister from Game Of Thrones, who in my eyes can take the rightful seat on the throne as the true queen of elegant dresses. Cersei is a politically ambitious, manipulative and willful queen and a character that I have adored since season one, the sort of character you love to hate.

One of the main reasons I love this character is the fact that she is nearly always fabulously dressed! She is portrayed by starring cast member Lena Headey.

Clothing and fashion in the Game of Thrones TV series adds a major new layer to the narrative of the books. Costume designer Michele Clapton and her team were faced with the massive task of developing a unique style of dress worn by characters across entire continents. The detail and innovation of these designs have taken a front seat in the many reasons for the success of the show and they have most consistently been recognized by major professional awards. Michele Clapton’s work was nominated for and won the “Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes for a Series” for all of the first four TV seasons.

Michele Carragher is another name behind the beautiful costumes in Game of Thrones, including this dress of Cersei’s, my particular favourite. Michele specialises in hand embroidery and surface embellishment, using traditional hand embroidery techniques, smocking, beading and surface decoration. Since discovering her work I have been a huge fan. Michele is a highly creative costume hand embroiderer and a huge inspiration to me and my own work.

Sadly Michele’s creation aren’t always best displayed on screen during the episodes as there would never be enough time. I highly recommend looking up her work for a closer look. Although I have added a few photos of my favourite design so you can soak up the beautiful detail of what can only be described as a pure form of art.

tumblr_naf5omkdJj1r4lsbyo6_1280                         6a7526af95272a837cd2c3052dc64c03        tumblr_naf5omkdJj1r4lsbyo5_1280


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