Yesterday, my Theatre Costume class and I visited The Georgian House at No.7 Charlotte Square in the heart of the New Town in Edinburgh. As I am new to the city I thought it was an interesting first look at what the city has to offer, and it didn’t disappoint. I could be a little biased though, as I have such a strong love for anything historical related and this 18th-century town-house was no exception.

It has been restored and furnished by the National Trust for Scotland an is operated as a popular tourist attraction. If you are in the area I highly recommend checking it out! I took a few photos as I went about to give you look at what this historical treasure holds.

The first owner of The Georgian House was John Lamont in 1796, where he lived with his wife Helen and their five children. Lamont is the owner who is of most interest to the visitors today, due to the fact that it has been restored to represent what the house may have looked like at the time they occupied it. Also, his story is interesting as although John Lamont was a wealthy man he had inherited some debts owing to his own extravagant lifestyle. He spent his time living beyond his means, hiring servants he didn’t need and holding lavish house parties he couldn’t afford. He sold the house in 1816 for £3,000, worth around £3 million today.

While visiting The Georgian House we had the chance to watch a short film, a re-enactment of the running of such a grand house and the interesting story of The Lamont Family. There were friendly guides in each room willing to offer information and facts about the decor. We slowly browsed through the house in our own time, from the lavish bedrooms to the servants quarters in the basement.

The Georgian House is a true gem and I look forward to seeing what the rest of this city has to offer.

Ciara x

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